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D: Will you ever come back to RPing?


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Psst: Three things that I’ve always wanted to tell you. 

Ty Lee frowned and looked down. “I’m sorry, I guess is one of the really big things,” She sighed and her shoulders slumped. “I was never good at helping you. But I really did try! I just… I didn’t try hard enough or I wasn’t smart enough to help you. I’m so sorry for that, Azula. Maybe if I would’ve done something differently you’d still.. be here with me…”

"I aways wanted to tell you that I was really proud of you. You were coming along so nicely! I really thought you would get better. Even if you didn’t, I was still proud. You were so strong and I admired you so much for it… I’m still proud of you, I guess. I just miss you."

Tears filled Ty Lee’s eyes. “That’s another thing. I wanted to tell you that I miss you so much. I never really said anything like that to you while you were—” she swallowed the lump in her throat. “Alive. But I miss you so much… every single day. I don’t think anybody knows. Nobody really asks. I loved you so much and then one day you were just… just gone! I miss you and I… I hope the Spirit World is kind to you. Please wait for me.”

Blab: Three secrets I’m keeping. 

Ty Lee frowned and looked uncomfortably at the ground. “I-I dunno… Everything about Azula… how she was sick for so long… I haven’t told anybody about what really happened or what she saw, even though I’ve been asked a whole bunch of questions about it. I promised her I would never tell.”

"I’m kinda scared too. Azula said she had assassins and… what if they come after me? Or Mai or Zuko? I don’t know what I’d do, I can’t lose somebody else! It would be too much…"

Ty Lee pulled her braid over her shoulder. “I’m not really all that happy anymore, either. I still smile, of course and laugh at Zuko’s lame jokes. Everybody thinks I’m happy, which is good! I’d hate to make everybody else sad… but I’m really not… happy, that is. So much has changed and I just… I just,” she frowned. “I’m just not happy.” 

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Mwah, Similar, Doing

Mwah: Three people I’d like to kiss. 

"I have to pick three?" Ty Lee pulled her braid over her shoulder and shrugged. "Azula is number one, of course! She’s such a great kisser, it’s unbelievable!" She blushed lightly. "I’d kiss Sokka too. He’s so cute and funny, I dunno how anybody can resist! Don’t tell Azula I said that though, okay? Oh! I’d kiss Katara on the cheek because she’s such a good friend to me!"

((I’d kiss my boyfriend. I’d kiss Grey Delisle because she’s hot and perfect and I’d also kiss this girl right here))

Similar: Three members of the same sex I find attractive. 

Ty Lee smiled. “Azula is super pretty! Especially her eyes, I love her eyes! But I think you know that already. I think Katara is really pretty! Her skin color is just so amazing, and she’s like that all the time, y’know? She doesn’t even have to lay out on the beach! She’s so lucky.  Mai is really pretty too! Her hair is so shiny and glossy, but she’ll never tell me how she keeps it that way!”

((CutiePieMarzia is adorable, Lisa Lavie, and Tori Kelly))

Doing: Three habits that I have. 

"Azula pointed it out to me a while ago that I like to play with my hair sometimes. I barely even noticed! I guess I do kinda do that a lot! I talk in my sleep sometimes too. Azula and Mai said I sound like I have a mouth full of mooncakes when I talk in my sleep!" She giggled. "I move around a lot too. I can’t sit still, I have too much energy!"