I'm not very patient either!

@bluefireazula || Impromtu

"Azula, can we please take a break?" Ty Lee whined, shutting her Geometry book in defeat. Two hours of math nonstop made her head hurt and her eyes sore. She leaned back against the couch in Azula’s room and sighed. 

"It’s never going to make sense to me. I’m not smart like you." Ty Lee grumbled. Azula was smart and pretty and perfect. Math came so easily to her that she was in a senior’s math class! Ty Lee on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. Math just made her head spin. 

She set her book and homework back down on the table and sighed. “Do you have anything else to do but study?” She asked, grabbing the TV remote. “Maybe we could watch a movie or something?” Ty Lee hated the fact that the time she usually spent with Azula outside of school was usually spent doing schoolwork. 

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